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Furniture is one of the most use items,, made from different materials, serves different means of use: residential, commercial, hospitality, medical, stationary, functional, mechanical, power operated, mechanism controlled, reclining, rocking, swiveling, integrated with automation, lights, chargers, massage, heat components, multi-function controls and more. Because of such differences no one person or freelancer can be proficient and have enough experience to handle all, which is another reason why we are superior in what we do and we always assign/send the best qualified professional technician for your task.

Furniture Masters has the highest qualified professional technicians with unbeatable experience in power and manual operating mechanisms, hydraulic systems, springs or gas loaded units, recliners, sleepers, Murphy or wall beds, power packs, massage units, pumps, motors, heating and cooling units, lights, LED’s, charging stations, wires, automation and control units, biometric, fingerprint, smart control units and more.

We not only able to repair, rebuild and replace parts, but also to refurbish when needed, weld, solder, shape, bend components, level, integrate and customize.

We use State of The Art equipment and supplies, along with having large inventory of in stock most use parts, recliner cables, levers, handles, remotes, power adapters, control units, recliner and sleeper mechanisms, swivel, glide, swing, rocking components, casters, sockets, bases, gas cylinders, struts, Murphy bed mechanisms and springs, lifting and kangaroo mechanism, shock absorbers, runners, slides, tracks, hinges, control arms, etc.


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