Leather is one of the nature’s wonderful durable goods. The tanning process gives the leather resistance to wetting and keeps the leather supple. Leather’s high tensile strength makes it a strong, flexible material. It will stretch and then return to retain shape. Leather breathes and will assume your body temperature rapidly as it allows air and water to pass through its structure. Leather is susceptible to three types of damage: stiffness and surface cracking caused by the drying out of the leather’s natural oils, fiber discoloration as a result of accidental spills or sun exposure, and scuffing or tearing usually occurring from use.

We are the team of professionals, who knows everything about the leather! A group of top specialists that can skillfully care for, clean, and repair leather, suede, vinyl, upholstery, fabric, velour, microfiber, plastic, wood, stone, mirror, ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, Plexiglas, marble, glass, metal and other materials/surfaces of your furniture as well as auto, aircraft, boat, RV and other. In the past decades, we have restored everything from jet aircraft & Rolls-Royce interiors to pet damaged sofas, leather desk tops, designer pieces and seemingly destroyed antique pieces of art.

Been more than few decades in a business our company developed a reputation for integrity, competence and attention to detail. Our quality and integrity have been recognized by our customers. 

We can restore that old worn leather to look great and brand new, if needed we will replace a section or do complete re-upholstery. We can re-grain, color match and re-dye the color to bring out the brightness that it once used to have. 

We can resurrect anything that has been made of leather and has been neglected, to its former glory!

We offer a wide range of cleaning and repair services for home furniture, office furniture, hotels &  restaurants, medical facilities, and pretty much any leather or vinyl upholstery interior, antique trunks, goods or items. 

  • Color matching & Re-dyeing to eliminate fading and restore the color, seal it, protect it
  • Pet damage such as chewed leather repair and odor elimination, cat pulls and scratches
  • Restoration, replacement, partial or full re-upholstery
  • Cigarette burns, sliced by knife damages, cuts and tears of all sizes
  • Elimination of stains, spills, ink marks, water & heat rings, etc.
  • Repair of sagging cushions using hypoallergenic down substitute, feather and down, horse hair, soft polyester, and foam, pad and web
  • Repair and replacement of springs in beds, couches, chairs, and sofas
  • Reinforcement & repair of furniture frames (wood, glass, and metal components as well as mechanisms)
  • Restoration and cleaning of wood, plastic, glass, marble, and other hard surfaces

We stand by our work and will guarantee that you will be happy with the finishing product/result.